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Upcoming Events
Dixie's Happy Hour
Feb. 23-March 7, 2021 • Virtual Event
From the creators of the smash off-Broadway tour Dixie’s Tupperware Party comes a brand new streaming show, Dixie’s Happy Hour! Dixie brings you some new stories while she’s mixing up cocktails and challenging you to see the Happy Hours that are right in front of you that you may be overlooking. What do you get when you serve up gin, rum, vodka and tequila? According to Dixie, if it doesn’t lead you to doing something where you have to scroll through your photos from last night to see who you need to bake apology cupcakes for, then if you squint in just the right way and change your focus, they’ll allow you to see the glory in you that makes you the remarkable person you are. Dixie’s sweet charm and infectious southern drawl will make you want to belly up to the bar for more.
Feb. 27, 2021 • Virtual Event
Helmed by Oscar and Emmy-winning director Roger Ross Wiliams, HBO's documentary The Apollo chronicles the unique history and contemporary legacy of the New York City landmark while following The Apollo's inaugural staging of Ta-Nehisi Coates’s nonfiction work Between the World and Me.

A fundraiser for West Charlotte High School.
Theater Tours
March 1-7, 2021 • Blumenthal Performing Arts center
Join us on an exclusive tour of all of our uptown theaters. Take an up-close look at how our spaces operate and accommodate shows, including how shows load in, where stars prepare for performances, the history of the ghost light and more. Hear all kinds of behind-the-scenes stories from secrets of how Mary Poppins flew over the audience to the experience of having The Hunger Games filmed in Knight Theater, the location of The Lion King animal puppet hospital when the show is in town and much more! You'll get the star treatment as you explore almost every inch of our beloved venues.
March 6, 2021 • Virtual Event
When was the last time you witnessed strings, horns and piano at a hip-hop concert? Add to that a party-rocking DJ, a soul-stirring female vocalist and a fire-breathing emcee and that is still but a fraction of what you'll catch when you see and hear Thee Phantom & The Illharmonic Orchestra in action. Combining the raw energy and passion of hip-hop, with the beautiful sounds of orchestra accompaniment, The Illharmonic is just the third hip-hop group to headline their own performance at the famed Carnegie Hall. The crew will be bringing their usual brand of B-Boy Meets Beethoven to the stage for a special online performance.
March 9 & 23, 2021 • Brooklyn Grace
The Atelier at Grace is a workshop series for poets looking to refine old work, explore new styles and push creative boundaries. Organized by award-winning poet Boris “Bluz” Rogers and facilitated by various local poets, this is a free workshop for writers of all levels. Registration is required.
Acoustic Grace
March 11 & 25, 2021 • Brooklyn Grace
Acoustic Grace is a monthly showcase for singer-songwriters and a cappella performers in uptown's historic Brooklyn Grace venue. Featuring different musical acts each month, Acoustic Grace is an authentic listening room experience dedicated to shining a light on Charlotte’s diverse and talented artists.
Acoustic Grace is a free event hosted by instrumentalist and vocalist Jessica Macks and Sofar Sounds head of DEI Eddie Harris. Attendees are invited to stop by neighboring Studio 229 on Brevard before and after the show to check out local art and enjoy exclusive drink specials. Registration is required to attend.
Livestream the show at
April 16, 2021 • Knight Gallery at Spirit Square
Blumenthal Performing Arts' monthly Poetry Slams are hosted by SlamCharlotte, Charlotte’s own three-time national championship team of spoken word poetry. SlamCharlotte strives to promote poetic growth, performance enhancement, and increased camaraderie among the poets and the community through the monthly slam competitions. SlamCharlotte’s current Slammaster, Bluz, is the 13th ranked individual poet in the world. This event will be livestreamed on Blumenthal's Facebook page.
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